"Ghost Car" Outruns Police

Dr. Fong Says:
Hmmm not what I was expecting.

This video begins with the typical police chase with a driver swerving all over the road and driving like a maniac. I didn't have very high hopes for this "Ghost Car" video. I kept waiting for the car to just shut it's headlights off and disappear.

Near the end comes something that I didn't expect. It looks like the car goes right through a fence and then just speeds off leaving the cops in the dust.

I am not sure what is going on here. Has the video been edited or the car swerved through some opening in the fence that we can't see? Or is it some demonic car from the pits of hell? I am interested to see what you think about this in the comments.


Blackwing said...

The video appears to edited - if you watch the elapsed time in the left hand corner, there are anomalies. At 1:03 in the video playback, the 'elapsed time' jumps in speed (mysteriously right at that speedy bit!), then it jumps back in time around 1:08. At 1:25 the elapsed time time speeds up dramatically...just in time for the disappearance.

Too bad, I was kinda hoping for the demon car from hell possibility. Nevertheless, a fun bit of entertaining video. Keep 'em coming!

jessika said...

most things like that don't Spook me, That SPOOKED ME! I had to watch it a few times to deturmin wither or not it looked real. It does!

Anonymous said...

Hah...I also saw a Ghost car at a Shop that parked perfectly. My sister was like "Dude...Noone came out of the car..." It was true...No one came out! Also The ghost car was probably angry of being followed and drove through the fence to avoid the cops.