He can't make me go in there again...

Huan Says:
Eeeeeeew that's not going to impress lady friends!

I no go back into back room! It is cursed with dumbest curse Huan ever see. Angel hair floats from ceiling all day long and leave weird stickiness on floor next to Frogurt machine.

I no even want Frogurt machine but Master Fong he say diversify diversify maybe get Mr Whippy ice cream machine but then he no like lactose and we then get Frogurt machine from Heltaria the Shifty.

I tell Master Fong it not just name that he is shifty. All day long he go from shop to shop try to sell Frogurt machine. We plug in and angel hair fall from ceiling.

Master fong then say it ok that Huan good for nothing and lazy and he beat me in back of head with stick and say I clean up and sure that angel hair finish soon.

I then go into room with mop and angel hair is fizzy when it hits skin and I do not know what is in angel hair so how me know what is doing to skin? I go out and buy barrier cream and put on but angel hair also smell funny and it hurt Huan chance with lady friends.

Plenty lady friends but no need to scare them off with funky angel hair. You try explaining that the smell is from cursed Frogurt machine in back room that causes angel hair to appear???

I'm going to sneak off and watch OC instead. That Taylor she make me laugh with her kooky kooky!!