Holy Sh*t Man Walks on F*cking Moon!

Dr. Fong Says:

People walked on the moon.

You keep mentioning how you think it was all faked.

But you are wrong.

And frankly, you are just making yourself look crazy and making me feel uncomfortable.

So don't bring it up anymore.


Lee said...

Thank you so much for posting this - nothing irritates me more and now I have the rebuttal!

Whipped Topping said...

Man has never set foot on the moon, it's all a sham. Shame on you Dr. Fong for falling for that nonsense.

Anonymous said...

1) If it was supposedly done in a studio, why are they doing the experiment outside?

2) They showed a man directly in front of the light source, instead of in front of an OBJECT blocking the light source.

3) If they are inside a studio, you get the same effect. No movement unless someone moevs it.

4) If we use the moon (celestial light) as an example, instead of artificial lights on the ground, you can see stars. Go camping.

5)The actor running didn't do it the same way. Not even close.

6) My most groundless argument. How do we know that's what it does? They SAY that's the point of the telescope, but it's all just numbers.

These people didn't prove anything. They did the experiments wrong, and tried to manipulate the audience.


Whipped Topping said...

Dr. Fong has finally lost his mind and belongs in a rest home.

Doctor Fong said...

So is it the whole space program that is a sham or is it just the moon landing?

How about the International Space Station?

How about those rovers on Mars?

Why fake some of it and not all of it?

Whipped Topping said...

It is all a giant fraud. They take the money set aside for the "space program" and use it to build evil robots.