Inhaling Alcohol - The New Cool Thing

Dr. Fong Says:
All the cool kids are doing it.

I learned a very neat trick while I was at home for Christmas.

alcohol is sooo 2006.
Inhaling alcohol is the future!

The new cool thing to do is inhale your alcohol so that it can get to your bloodstream more quickly thus getting you even more blindly drunk than you would be normally.

How can I inhale some alcohol?
  1. Drop some dry ice into a bottle of booze.
  2. Inhale the vapors.
  3. Get drunk.


Huan the Shop Boy said...

I like the soundtrack - it make them more authoritative.

Doctor Fong said...

The authority comes from Dr. Dick Wang.

He is a friend of mine and a brilliant man!

Whipped Topping said...

All you will get out of this is asphyxiation from the Carbon Dioxide you generate.

Have fun, be sure to do it all with your head and the bottle in a large garbage bag...

Anonymous said...

Works well with Acetone to.