It's Huan Space!!!

Huan Says:
I'm in your extended network!!!

Today almost Huan's happiest day ever. Almost Huan bestest day ever was day that I found packet of just add water shrunken heads they better than sherbet! Oh I laugh!

No no today Huan join extended network and have site on MySpace!!!


He name is Tom!

You can visit Huan at MySpace Here!

You go and request friend me and I will approve and we be friends and I share secrets of House of Mystery!!!

Not all secrets just rubbish that Master Fong let me see. I will be away from MySpace and Blog for couple of days too - I go to Mop convention. I take cursed mop with bucket of madman ears. I expect to be big hit at convention and bring back many photos and ideas to clean the shop!

Ummm is that mud on your boots?

You get out now dirty traveller you no buy anything anyway!!!


Osiris said...

Huan, you be my curio friend. We know Dr. Fong has a good soul, but he can't see the larger picture now, due to his advanced age.

Doctor Fong said...

I may be old but I still have what you need.

Osiris said...

Soon death will take you, Fong. The curio shop will be transformed into Dr. Fong's Parking Lot of Mysteries.

Doctor Fong said...

Will these changing time,
motorways, power lines,
keep us apart?

Well, I don't think so
I saw some grass growing through the pavement today.