The Lobster of Eternal Doom and Pimples

Huan Asks:
Is that a pimple on my face?????

Master Fong he send me to pick up new find that he negotiate to take into shop. I say oh man why me must go send someone else I hate that part of town. Then Master Fong he beat me with rug duster for several minutes while Peking the homunculus laugh.

That fine I say I go but Peking come with me to help me carry the statue.

Master Fong he look at me funny and say 'statue?'

That should have been good hint.

Anyway Peking and me we go down to the warehouse where keeping the Lobster of Eternal Doom and Pimples. Me hope it not made out of jade as that make statue very heavy and Huan put back out easy easy.

We get to warehouse and met by big man who look like he crying and has bad case of acne. I offer tissue and cleanser and tell him to lay off chocolate.

I not know if chocolate do cause acne but like I say he big and probably could use the break from fat and sugar.

Anyway he say that lobster can be found in back tank but he be guarded by plenty scary things. I say why you put statue in tank but beginning to suspect that not dealing with statue. Big man he begin to sob and Peking get cross at wasting time so we enter warehouse.

Inside warehouse there no anything else except a small table with fish tank and big red lobster staring at me with his beady little black eyes.

I laugh and say everyone is stupid as it just lobster and it will be easy as soon as Peking he tie up claws.

Peking he say go to hell he no get in tank with lobster as being made of clay he will crumble and besides the lobster look angry.

I say what you talk about lobster look angry? He lobster! Lobster no care what go on except no want to get eaten and who eat lobster of enternal doom anyway?

But Peking have good point about be made of all clay so I no force him to tie up lobster.

We approach lobster tank and out of nowhere two floating heads looking plenty angry attack us. When me say attack me mean they head butt us and it make awful clunk noise and one head he have Peking stuck to side of face and he try and shake him off but it hard with no hands.

Any way one head trying to knock Peking off smash into the other and they both go crashing to ground. Peking claim he act like Jack Bauer. I think Peking watch little too much television.

Anyway me go and struggle with lobster who after I manage to tie up claws make a humpff noise.

We carry him back to House of Mystery and he do look miserable entire way. But he get plenty happy when we drop him in giant tank in East Wing. It huge with lots space for evil lobster.

Now me go nap...