Mysterious Monkey Paw

Huan Says: New House of Mysteries plenty dusty...

Master Fong who is most brilliant and glorious is allowing me to use blog as long as it no interfere with my work. I am Huan I work in shop. I clean and pack and other jobs when required.

Big move! Lot's of work but I slip away to show you something I found that Master Fong say we cannot sell as it is too bad magic!

I move box of serpent tongues and behind it I find big box with glass case inside.

What this doing behind box of serpent tongue I think and open the box to find monkey paw. I remember when we got this we bought it from a Mr Mendrek who was plenty happy to be selling for 25c.

Master Fong he say Mendrek bought paw in Tibet and bring him bad luck all day long.

He say Mendrek have to get rid of monkey paw to bring back good luck and he was much shamed as he try to offload on music band. But music band say hey hey and break spell on themselves give to bad man and then Mendrek bring paw to Master Fong as he know he look after it.

I think it big shame to leave paw in box behind serpent tongue box as no one see it. It now hold fliers in back room so it make itself useful!!

Ahhhiiiieeee I get back to dusting. You buy something or get out!!


Osiris said...

I have a question for Dr. Fong. What is it exactly that makes a "curio" a "curio" Are there a special set of rules one must judge this by?

Doctor Fong said...

An interesting question Orisirs. A definition that I like is "A case piece which has glass doors, panels and shelves, which is used to display collectibles. Derived from "curiosity" cabinet."

I think of a curio as any object worth coveting.

Osiris said...

I need this monkey paw. No rush job like the previous curio, just let me know your asking price.

Doctor Fong said...

This item is far too dangerous to sell to someone without a Class 3 Magical Curios Licence. If you have one please email me a scanned copy so I can verify.

You will aslo need 3 references from within the Magical Curios Dealers Association stating that you are indead responsible enough to handle such a dark artifact.