No Pollute Future or Get Sore Head

Future Huan Says:
Where we're going we don't need roads... rrrr... rrrr... roads roads

So Huan he clean up while stupid Peking watch tv, me thought having a homunculus would be good. It wash dishes, clean up dusty corners, no sleep work good! But no!! Peking is lazy and watches Passions?????

Anyway Huan cleaning out east wing broom cupboard and me find weird looking bin. It have mystical writing on side. I excited cause there another place me can put garbage so i throw old house and garden magazines from waiting room in there and they disappear!!!!

This plenty good!!! So I throw all sorts of stuff in there including around 20 gallon old frogurt (bahahah banana flavour that no one buy).

Twenty minute later there loud boom come from west wing of shop and then who should appear but me, but snazzy dressed. I go "what you doing?" And he/I say that me throwing garbage into year 2009 and he have to clean it all over again.

Then he pull out rolled up 2009 January house and garden magazine with special dehydrated bricks in cover and then hit me over back of head.

Dehydrated bricks hurt just as bad as normal ones. I yell to him that me no care and I/He can get stuffed! Future Huan then tell me plot to OC for next season and it ruin my day so I apologise and promise to use future bin more properly if he no tell me more.

Time travel not to be played with. You learn lesson from Huan - cost you 50 cent. You send money by Paypal.