Pfft I could have come up with a radioactive isotope bullet

Prof Brad Says:
"It's rude to hog the opiate pipe..."

...and I said to him what happened to the other eight plans? Oh hello there seekers of mysterious. Professor Brad here coming to you from an east end opium den in London.

Osiris's mighty battle with the Dagon gave me chance to reflect on another under reported event involving a creature from 20000 fathoms.

Yes this beast, if you will was stirred up by atomic testing in the Arctic. And as you imagine if you are a dinosaur awoken from your slumber by inconsiderate nuclear testing the first thing you do is head to New York and start eating buildings!

Fortunately other Professors were there and they worked out that they needed to shoot the creature with a radioactive isotope.

Good for you old chaps! That's showing resurrected radioactive dinosaurs who's boss!

Of course some will point to the fact that maybe it was our own fault by stirring the poor beastie up with nuclear tests...


... what was I saying again?

Honestly you blink once in this place and they take the rug right out from underneath you. Just take this from... um this.

Radioactive dinosaur eating Coney Island is bad.
Radioactive isotope bullet is good.

Or something to that effect.


Dr. Fong said...

I have heard of these radioactive bullets being useful. Is this what they used on that ex-KGB spy that just died of radiation poisoning?

The Professor said...

He may have eaten something that had been shot with a radioactive bullet but I'd have to examine the body and from what I saw on the news he looked a little icky towards the end so no chance of that happening!!!

Osiris said...

radioactive polonium 210

Make a Bullet from that stuff, just remember how pretty it is, so you should probably play around with it for a while before using it...

Alexander Litvinenko was closely linked to Jewish oligarch Boris Berezovsky, who is allegedly on a campaign to undermine and destroy Russia's patriotic leader Vladimir Putin. Not only did Berezovsky claim to have financed the "Orange Revolution" campaign in the Ukraine, Ramzan Kadyrov, son of slain Chechen president Akhmad Kadyrov, has claimed that Berezovsky also financed the Islamist terrorists of Chechnya, who have waged a savage war inside Russia.

Dr. Fong said...

I don't think you are going to fool the professor into playing with radioactive bullets.

He has graduate students for that.

The Professor said...

Cute little grad students who.... hang on aren't I dead?

Osiris said...

Very Dead. So dead that your polluted carcass shut down several city blocks of East London. Professor Brad must have given his username/ password to one or more grad students before his all so timely demise.

Dr. Fong said...

Not anymore. Osiris quit making up lies about the Prof.

Osiris said...

He Returned from the dead?? Last time I had seen him, he had all the telltale signs of severe Radiation Poisioning!

Osiris said...

Dr. Fong must have used the few remaining mystical powers in his possession to bring Professor Brad back. Why he would waste them for that purpose remains a mystery. HEY!! An actual mystery on Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries!!!