Who the hell keeps flushing the toilet?!

Dr. Fong Says:
A list of alien attack survival tips is being compiled and will be released soon.

This video is quite troubling to me. It shows a man being attacked in his home by gray aliens and it looks like he took quite a beating! Until now most contact with the grays has shown them to be a nonviolent race.

Why they would suddenly begin attacking civilians is beyond my understanding though I believe it to be the beginning of some sort of invasion.

We all pray that the person who was attacked in this video was able to survive. Even if he didn't it was lucky that someone released this video onto the Internet before it fell into alien hands. I hope that the word gets out fast enough to be able to do something about it.

Viva la Humans!

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Huan the Shop Boy said...

If I caught one of those dirty aliens behind the shop toilet I would beat it to death with the toilet brush.

Toilet for staff members only!!!

You go in alley!!