I Demand Nintendo Wii

Dr. Fong Says:
Fong need a Wii bad

Oh great guardian of Nintendoo, I beseech you. I can't wait any longer! I have been searching for Nintendo Wii for so long, but I don't think I have even gotten close to one.

You see, the Great Nintendo Wii is very rare in my area (currently the Great Northern Woods). I am questing throughout the surrounding lands but I haven't found a clue.

I must admit that I have not owned a Nintendo system since the original NES, but I am very excited about their new Wii to the point that I must acquire one at any cost.

Most of the people I talk to on my quest are not very helpful. They usually have no idea what I am talking about and give me only blank stares in response to my questions.

After a long journey, I come upon someone who seems to know what he is talking about. He says there is a chance if I can make haste.

There are
whispers in the land of a stockpile of Wiis near Meijer, but by the time I get there all I find is a returned Playstation 3.

The woman in the electronics department acts like my question about finding a Nintendo Wii is the most annoying thing she has heard all day.

She has no idea when they will be getting them or if they have ever had them. She has never seen one on the shelves.

So far my quest is very discouraging. All I have to sustain me is the thought of one day playing Nintendo Wii.

To be continued...


Huan the Shop Boy said...

Huan would be very happy with PS3 if Master Fong allow me time off to play. Ok ok me go clean dusty mask of gilgoradia...

CND said...

Mmmmmm...NES. Those were the days. Final Fantasy (no frickin' roman numerals after it), Super Mario 2 (they sure got the mushroom part of that right), I could go on and on...

Doctor Fong said...

Boy, Zelda II had me going for years. It was soo hard.