My Unholy Love for Big League Chew

Medico Says:
Try some Big League Chew!

Hey there folks!

Medico Nisaba: Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy here. If you are anything like me, you may be wondering: What ever happened to Big League Chew?

Well, I recently found some in a backwoods gas station, and you CAN still order it over the internet, so Big League Chew has not died!!!

Big League Chew was my favourite chewing gum as a young Necromancer, and I am thrilled to have re-discovered it.

I recommend Big League Chew to all of you, it is hands down the BEST gum ever created.

Find some, chew and enjoy.


Doctor Fong said...

Somehow I expected more from Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy.

More than an advertisment for a gum that encourages kids that "Chew" is cool.

Just pop in a big bubblegum dip and be cool like your favorite generic illustration of a baseball player.

Though grape flavor is cancericiously delicious.

Anonymous said...

I have found from personal experience that it is not a good idea to swallow your Big League Chew as it can lead to some very
embarrasing moments later on,, things that I don't wish to get into here.

Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

Give me a break, it's bubble gum. As a young Necromancer I chewed Big League Chew and never progressed to chewing tobacco.

It is fantastic gum, period.