Cthulhu Shatters Your Mind!

Dr. Fong Says:
I'm gibbering mad!

Warning: Some parts of this video are... disturbing.
Watch with care.

Whoa! It's like they took H.P. Lovecraft's entire Cthulhu Mythos, condensed it down to 10 minutes, added heavy metal music and slammed it into the side of my head.

This video has a powerful Lovecraftian feel to it. It starts as a brooding horror and as the music builds reality gives way to utter madness.

I started to get queasy at about the halfway point and by 3/4 through I could feel my mind twisting. It was uncomfortably close to snapping. I pushed on to the end! Now I am sure to have horrible nightmares. I hope that there is no permanent damage.

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Ian said...

that slide show wuz prety cool my mind hertz tho thank u 4 the info on the mi dog man i live ner that part of the wood'z

Anonymous said...

it'z me ian again the thing i dont git is y it show'z all those naked girlz

Anonymous said...