Gotta go to the shops for more tin foil

Huan Says:
Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got...

Huan can no talk very long me got to go down to shops and get tin foil before they close cause we got plenty big promotion on today. This Huan idea after watching X-files. Every purchase of charm of Agrothrah you get alien anti read your brain hat. It made of tin foil but shaped very nice by Peking the homunculus. He arm fall off twice while making the fifty or so we already sell but me stick it back on good.

Huan watch X-Files now that kooky Taylor no on OC anymore. Found DvD player out back of shop it say no touch it cursed. I say bah everything in this place cursed. I send Peking out and he no blow up so we watch X-Files.

Me no want metal thing put up nose so Huan get idea for hat. Plenty prepared. No get thing in skull and Huan can watch DvD about abductions now before going to shops cause it late night shopping which I forget.

You see with hat you get tin foil and shape into little triangle and it stop alien scanner so no fry brain or know when you sleep like man on DvD I watching... hang on something it happening on screen... they talking about probes or something??? Maybe I look away and focus on blog writing because I no want to see them put thing in charlie joe's nose and.....



Why they stick probe there???? What wrong with aliens???? What they think they going to find up there??? I tell you what you find you find none of your business that what!

Now Huan he go to shop quickly buy big lot of tin foil. Maybe I pad room with tin foil. Before i go I may wrap head in cling wrap just in case.


Anonymous said...

My grandfather was such a believer
that he lined his jocky shorts with
foil from chewing gum wrappers.

Huan the Shop Boy said...

And these chewing gum wrappers they worked?
I will try any way!