Magically Charged Protection Amulet

Medico Says:
Protect yourself from evil.

I am offering for sale a Magically Charged Protection Amulet. The Amulet has been in my family for years and we have pooled our Necromancy skills to place an extremely powerful protection charge on it.

I personally used my Necromancy skills and serious herbcraft to charge this item. It offers protection against Ghouls, Ghosts, Poltergeists, Werewolves/ Dogmen and certain Vampires.

This is just the first of many items/ services I will be offering Dr. Fong's Blog of Mysteries readers. The price for this item is $50.

I will continue to work with Dr. Fong in order to come up with a complete list and I will also take requests. If a certain entity is becoming a problem, I should be able to take care of that for you.


Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said... for all your Necromancy requests.

michael said...

Have you contacted any government
military agencies? I believe that
these should be standard issue to
the troops in Iraq just like flak
jackets. The government would
surely pay $500 apiece to
guarantee success in the middle

Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

No, the government will never get their hands on my magic Amulet! Unless there is a large Ghoul, Ghost, Poltergeist, Werewolf/ Dogman or Vampire problem in the Middle East, it would be of no use to them.