McKenna’s Collection of Archaic and Occult Texts Destroyed in Fire

Juan the Chamula Asks:"Is it better to burn out than to fade away?"

Terence McKenna, psychedelic shaman, vagabond and philosopher, was a complex visionary that could within the framework of one conversation move from discussing DMT trips to Babylonian fertility rituals to Media Theory without blinking an eye. If one were forced to describe Terrence with one word, that word would have to be “eclectic.” Terence’s teachings and philosophy were developed from multiple and often seemingly contradictory influences and sources.

Perhaps nothing better illustrated Terence’s multidimensional world view than his collection of several thousand ancient and obscure texts. Terence, a bibliophile from the start, collected many of his most prized volumes while traveling in India. Near the end of his life, Terence built a special room on the top floor of his house on Hawaii’s big island just to house his extensive collection. Unfortunately, like Terence, this collection is no more.

On February 7th, a massive fire that started in a Monterey Quizno’s sub shop spread to the storage facility where the collection was being stored. The fire destroyed the entire archive including many of Terence’s personal writings and journals. The loss of this collection is devastating not only to Terence’s many fans, friends and followers, but also to the greater academic community that had been eager to study Terence’s many one of a kind manuscripts.

Though both Terence and his collection of texts are now gone, his message of freedom, novelty and psychedelic exploration remains.


Anonymous said...

I hope they were able to save some
of the Quino's subs.

Doctor Fong said...

I am now beginning a boycott of all Quizno's Subs. Their shoddy baking practices have resulted in the loss of this amazing library.

Anonymous said...

I just read where Quizno's is opening a sub shop near your
gift store.

Doctor Fong said...

Then it will be purged in fire to pay for their horrible crimes.