Unidentified Submerged Object (USO)

Dr. Fong Says:
It was obviously the planet Venus.. crashing into Lake Michigan.

I just heard an amazing story from the father of a friend of mine. He claims that about 20 years ago he was sitting in his car overlooking Lake Michigan when he saw something that he still can't explain.

He was at a popular overlook in Elberta, Michigan and had just finished watching the sun set. The sky was growing dark and most of the other cars had already left.

In the southwestern sky over the lake he spotted a bright green light well above the horizon. It looked like the light was very far away and slowly moving to the north.

He watched the light move for a few minutes as the sky grew dark. Then the light flashed off and on a few times and when it came back on it seemed to be getting brighter.

It was coming towards the shore and it was moving very fast. Then it slowed down and plunged right into the water of Lake Michigan. He could see the light zip away once it was submerged.

Once it had disappeared he jumped out of his truck and went over to the one car that was still parking there. Inside was an elderly man and his wife and they were obviously as confused about what had just happened as he was.

He swears that this is a true story and I don't think he would make it up. So what was it? Strange Meteor? Alien Craft? Secret Government Project? We may never know.

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michael said...

Probably just a green magnesium
flare obviously dropped from an
Air National Guard plane, like
the ones they drop on Pheonix,Arizona.

Doctor Fong said...

A susinct and probably accurate assessment. A magnesium flare would look just like what he described.

michael said...

Hmmmm! On second thought.... May have been a chunk of Kryptanite burning up on entry!

Doctor Fong said...

I talked to him just this morning and he said that for the first few minutes he saw it, it was moving north in the sky and not falling.

michael said...

Well! It's back to a green flare
suspended below a weather balloon.
(See! There's a reasonable
explaination for all UFO sightings.

Doctor Fong said...

Ohhhh, so now there's a weather balloon involved...

I think I have heard that somewhere before.

Anonymous said...

This effect was described by Alfred
E. Nielson in 1887. Large birds
eat hundreds and even thousands of
fireflies at a time and expell them
in there feces. He named the effect 'Feci Iluminus Gigantus'.
Today the glowing balls of feces
are many times mistaken for UFOs'
and ball lightning.
Capt. McLiar.

Doctor Fong said...

omg that is the best thing I have ever heard.

Feci Iluminus Gigantus = Giant Glowing Feces

Anonymous said...


calvin_hobbes2009 said...

well i have no idea im sceptical about it im not that much into aleins and stuff like that unless its on a tv show i think its some kind of flamable matearial thats turn green when on fire the on and off thing it was going out if it fell in the lake- and it was still bright hmm its probly a flamble metal
com from a meaterorite metal-or some alien war was going on and it got shot down and that was left bye HOPE THAT HELP im 10 soo i dont know much like that!