Wii are Victorious!

Dr. Fong Says:
Wii want to play!

Continued... My quest for Nintendo Wii took the better part of a month. It cost me most of my heart containers and quite a few rupees, but I finally have it, my precious, my Nintendo Wii.

I was discouraged a number of times during my long quest but I made up my mind that I could not give up. I searched everywhere! I got a break after hearing a rumor that there were going to be a few sold early in the morning on the following Saturday.

I only had a few short days to get ready.

By 6 o'clock Saturday morning the temperature had dropped to -7ºF but I was not discouraged. I knew that the cold outside meant that less people would have the guts to wait outside in front of the store.

Across the Traverse City Tundra I rode facing blowing snow and random monster attacks.

I encountered a number of tricksters along the way trying to dissuade me with their lies. Some said that the Nintendo Wii was for kids and that I would be disappointed. One, particularly goblinesque man, told me that the Wiis at this sale did not come with the nunchuck controller and that it would have to be quested for separately. I knew that they just wanted the Nintendo Wiis for themselves!

I finally had it in my hands. It was mine!

The Wii is a thing of beauty and wonder before I even try the first game. Instantly it searches my house for a WiFi signal and connects to the Internet. In seconds I have news and weather at my fingertips.

Not to mention the web browser. Though it is in beta right now; it is pretty impressive. I have been using it to watch YouTube videos from the living room. What a concept!

As for the games; Wii Sports is instant fun right out of the box, but after a few days I picked up Warioware Smoothmoves and Zelda Twilight Princess (and you wonder why I haven't been blogging).


Whipped Topping said...

Ohhhh the divine power of the Master Sword!

Don't let Huan the Shop Boy touch it, he is a bit clumsy and will end up hurling the Wii remote through the window.

Doctor Fong said...

I don't see how anyone could toss the remote through the tv. It really doesn't take much effort to get it to respond.

Just because you are swinging a baseball bat on the screen doesn't mean you have to swing the remote as hard as you would a real bat. dur.

Huan the Shop Boy said...

Huan no even look at Wii. Me like PS3 plenty plenty.

Beside Master Fong he buy enchanted Wii so it burn me whenever I stick screwdriver into back of socket.


Doctor Fong said...

One word makes the Wii better than the PS3 Huan.