Ask Dr. Fong: Angry Spirit Removal

Dr. Fong Says:
Stealing a grave stone almost never leads to good things and sometimes leads to really bad things.

"Dear Dr. Fong - My family and I are in dire need of your help. Shortly after we moved into our house my sister thought it would be funny to bring an old gravestone into the house. She found it in an old part of the cemetery which wasn't being maintained. It was broken off so she took part of it home as a joke since it had my initials on it.

Needless to say, no one is laughing now. We awake in the night to
strange noises and whispers. Also my sister woke up one night and was being held down by something that she couldn't see. She ran into my room yelling and we searched the house and found nothing.

We decided to return the gravestone and say we were sorry but these strange happenings still continue. We realize what we did was wrong and that we have upset something, but we really need to get this out of our house. I know that you have the knowledge to help me and my family."

This is a fairly simple thing to deal with and I'm sure with just a little instruction from me you will have it taken care of in no time.

What you are dealing with here is your ordinary run-of-the-mill poltergeist. The reason this spirit has settled on your house is not because your sister took the tombstone but because you all feel bad and apprehensive about her taking it. These bad feelings attracted the poltergeist.

To get rid of it just burn some sage in each room of your house and try not to feel too bad about what your sister did. As a side note: if this had really been a spirit, angered because you had desicrated it's grave, you probably wouldn't have been around long enough to write me an email.

Thanks for your question. I am always happy to put my considerable knowledge to good use. If anyone has a question they would like me to answer email me here.

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Dr. Fong said...

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Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

A fine start, yet quite incomplete.

Instead of infernal or familiar spirits, the ghost or apparition of a departed person is to be exorcised, the Magician, with his assistant, must repair to the churchyard or tomb where the deceased was buried, exactly at midnight, as the ceremony can only be performed in the night between the hours of twelve and one. The grave is first to be opened, or an aperture made by which access may be had to the naked body. The magician having described the circle, and holding a magic wand in his right hand, while his companion or assistant beareth a consecrated torch, he turns himself to all the four winds, and, touching
the dead body three times with the magical wand, repeats as follows: By the virtue of the Holy Resurrection, and the torments of the damned, I conjure and exorcise thee, Spirit of the deceased, to answer my liege demands, being obedient unto these sacred ceremonies, on pain of everlasting torment and distress. . . . BERALD, BEROALD, BALBIN, GAB, GABOR, AGABA. Arise, arise, I charge and command thee.

Dr. Fong said...

That, of course, is the ritual for an angered spirit.

I believe that this is just a poltergeist though, so going to all that effort would be overkill.

Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

Overkill or be killed is my motto in these cases. Have you ever seen a spirit so enraged by a mild attmept to rid the home of its presence that it manifested into physical form and crushed the occupants' heads?

I hope not, Dear Fong, as that is a sight that stays etched in your memories for lifetimes...

Huan the Shop Boy said...

sugar soap will get the stains out of the wall!