The Attacks on Dr. Fong will STOP NOW!

Medico Says:
ANY attack on Dr. Fong is an attack on me, and will be dealt with harshly!

It has come to my attention that my friend and mentor, Dr. Fong, is being psychically attacked. This ENRAGES me. Dr. Fong is my spiritual guide, yes, but he is so much more. He has been a friend to me while others have shunned me. To see him attacked in this way makes my blood boil.

Now, Dr. Fong is off on a healing retreat for a few days, where he will be fully cleansed of any evil magic directed towards him.

I am FURIOUS. Dr. Fong will help me with my anger issues, but I swear on my everlasting soul that anyone attacking Dr. Fong will suffer greatly.

I have concocted the POX of the bleeding eye, which I will place upon all who even wish Dr. Fong harm.

Do NOT force me to unleash my wrath. Stop these senseless attacks at once or suffer the tortures of the damned.

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Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

Dr. Fong has been under attack. I don't understand why anyone would attack an old man, but maybe it has something to do with him passing on forbidden knowledge?

I will protect Dr. Fong and gain the forbidden knowledge, so your attacks are all in vain.

When I obtain this knowledge, I will be UNSTOPPABLE and all those who attacked Dr. Fong will suffer GREATLY!