Dr. Fong's Charged Ring

Medico Says:
Get in touch with me Dr. Fong, your life may depend on it!

Medico Nisaba - Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy has just produced a charged protection ring for Dr. Fong's trek deep into the jungle of Peru. He hopes to find a lost city of gold there, I have my doubts about that, but he will be well protected from the ghouls and ghosts etc. that roam about in that area.

The ring was charged using many baneful herbs and protective herbs in balance and also with many oils, resins and Infernal Necromancy.

I still have my protective amulet for sale at $50, that is a great deal considering all the protection you will receive by wearing it.

Dr. Fong, we still have yet to discuss my fee for accompanying you on your voyage in order to ward off the evil curse that has been placed on your dig site.

Get back to me on that, it is of utmost importance.