How to Become a Crazed Street Preacher

Dr. Fong Says:
It's a lot more work being crazy these days.

So you want to be a Crazed Street Preacher? It takes a lot of hard work to be this nuts. You have to really want it!

Wake up at 3:30 am to start your day with a bowl of cold shredded wheat and some hot chastisement. As a crazy street preacher you can't bathe, shave or cut your hair... ever again. So it's out the door and on your way.

You will need something to stand on so that everyone can see you. Soap boxes work well for this, as well as pickle boxes, or bean boxes.
Carry your box to a corner that you know will be busy once the sun comes up and stand on top of your box to begin your daily tirade.

Start yelling about a topic of your choice, usually Revelations. Make sure that you pace yourself. You have to do this until at least 12:00 am when you pass our from exhaustion and delusions.

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Patrick Nottingham said...

What's the pay for this sort of job? It seems alot like what I'm doing now at my blog.

Dr. Fong said...

As for pay... sometimes people throw things, and sometimes it's money. Thought usually change. Just remember, you didn't get into this business to make money. And besides, what do you really need besides cold shredded wheat anyway?