Let's Build An Abomination!

Dr. Fong Says:
Though messier, an Abomination is a cheap alternative to a golem.

Maybe you want to terrify
your community or strike fear into the hearts of your enemies. Whatever your reason, an abomination may be the right choice for you!

Steps for quality Abomination building:

1. Acquire an adequate power source - This is the most important step in building an Abomination. If your power source isn't up to
snuff your Abomination won't be able to carry someone against their will, let alone smash through walls. I fuel my Abominations using the souls of forsaken children. Orphans work great for this!

2. Build a strong frame/skeleton - The skeleton is another very important part of your Abomination. The skeleton determines how your Abomination will move as well as it's rigidity. In the image to the right you will see a fairly common example of an Abomination skeleton. This looks like it was built with copper rods and foam insulation infused with Necromanic Energies.

3. Find its slimey outer shell - Goop from the bottom of especially filthy dumpsters works well. Or you could try fresh dredge from a polluted bay. Use your imagination!

4. Animating -
Bringing your new Abomination to life will be the most difficult part of this whole process. This should only be attempted by (or in the instruction of) someone with a level 3 Necromancy License or above. People with lower skills will find their Abominations sulky and hard to control.

You will need the normal items for conjuration, soul capture and imprisonment. Namely, ceremonial knives, baneful herbs, a canopic jar, 3 cats and a strong stomach. This is everyone's least favorite part but as long as it is done correctly it will ensure the long life of your Abomination.

Once this is complete, secure the soul power unit to the Abomination skeleton. Many place this in the head, but I find this too easy to destroy and usually bolt mine inside pelvis.

One thing that scares most people their first time through is how quickly the skeleton will animate after the placement of the soul power unit. Be ready for it and get out of the way! The animated skeleton will go into a rage due to the pain it is experiencing from reanimation.

The only way to calm it is to let it cover itself in the slime from step three. Once it is covered in goo it will calm down and be ready to receive orders.


Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

You need any help animating an Abomination, just say the word, Dr. Fong.

This will not be a service I provide for just anyone, but me and Dr. Fong go way back.

Anonymous said...

Drool from special olympics
contestants can be substituted
in a pinch.

Doctor Fong said...

yes that is a fine substitute.

Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

I can NOT sanction your Abomination. It is far too dangerous for you to attempt!

Medico Nisaba-Practitioner of Infernal Necromancy said...

Leave this be, I BEG you Dr. Fong! To bring to life something once dead is tricky business. They are unreliable to say the least. Please let this go. As I think more and more on the subject, I realize you are not schooled in this type of Necromancy.

We don't need it, and it is a HUGE energy drain.

Anonymous said...

wow great advise it acualy worked now the world will be mine

Anonymous said...

yup you have to do it right, tried it once, it was summer and my girl friend left me ... so i made a farewell gift, using lots of dead stuff ... she ran screaming for hours .. somehow i don't think she liked it ..
Yehppael from Buzau