A Picture for Deep Consideration

Dr. Fong Says:
Kids these days aint got no respect!

By spray painting the above vulgarity on this unsuspecting billboard, the young miscreants are, in fact, doing the exact opposite of what the sign tells them to do. Ingenious!

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Director J. Burkhart said...

This dilemma my friend started the moment it was required that both parents have jobs in-order to compete with rising prices and rampant inflation. Having been a child during such transition I remember both the old days when mom was home as well as the times spent alone as a child after school watching news of the Vietnam war at dinner time.

This is Walter Cronkite... Good Night.

Dr. Fong said...

You got it. I have always found it strange that school gets out at 3 o'clock but work doesn't get out until 5... Why?