Start Your Own Mind Control Cult

Dr. Fong Says:
Frighteningly easy.

"The world is depicted as black and white, with little room for making personal decisions based on a trained conscience. One's conduct is modeled after the ideology of the group, as taught in its literature. People and organizations are pictured as either good or evil, depending on their relationship to the cult."

"Universal tendencies of guilt and shame are used to control individuals, even after they leave. There is great difficulty in understanding the complexities of human morality, since everything is polarized and oversimplified. All things classified as evil are to be avoided, and purity is attainable through immersion into the cult's ideology."

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Take Chances!

Dr. Fong Says:
Get in the van!

Cats Gone Wild On Drugs

Dr. Fong Says:

Video Description - "Cats love Catnip. It's like cocaine for cats. If you like strange cat noises and abnormal movements from drugged up animals, this video is for you."

Boy, I sure do!

I also happen to know that most cats love drugs. Even the most mild mannered cats sometimes sneak out at night and go to kitty dope parties where they get high, screeeeech, and roll around on the furniture.

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The Legend of Michigan's Dogman - 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition CD/DVD Set

Dr. Fong Says:
I have been waiting years for this.

I just got my copy of Steve Cook's new CD/DVD set "The Legend of Michigan's Dogman" and all I can say is WOW!

The set comes with a CD containing 6 versions of the Legend song and a DVD with a spooky new music video to go with the new release of the Legend 2007. It also has "The Legend II - The Sigma Story" and a karaoke version of the legend.

The new 2007 version of the Legend is great. A huge improvement over the original (and the original is great) with a new final verse and haunting music track by Don Julin.

If you are at all interested in Michigan's Dogman this is a set you simply must have. It's a steal at $20 and all procedes go to benefit animal rescue groups. So not only is it a great product, it's for a great cause. Buy your copy here!

More about the Michigan Dogman!

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Amazing UFO Video Shot By Italian Air Force

Dr. Fong Says:
I think I saw a face in the window!

Video description: "This amazing UFO video footage was released by a source within the Italian Air Force. Probably not alien origin but this may show what technology the secret governments already have."

"Secret Governments" eh? Are we talking New Swabian super Nazis? ..or something more nefarious? Possibly reptilians from the center of the hollow Earth and their ancient flying machines? Or could it actually be from another planet? They traveled hundreds of light years to come here and buzz around our heads?

Many questions. Much confusion.

Thanks to Bonez for spotting this.

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The Cross-Time Engineer

Dr. Fong Says:
Buy this book!

This is one of my favorite science fiction series of all time. The Cross-Time Engineer (Adventures of Conrad Stargard) by Leo Frankowski is the first in a series of books about a 20th century Polish engineer who is somehow transported to the 13th century, just 9 years before the Mongol hordes will sweep through Poland and kill every man, woman and child.

Conrad has 9 years to industrialize Poland and be ready for the Mongols when they arrive. There are 5 good books in this series (1 bad, but it's after he fights the Mongols and seems like an afterthought) and by the time the Mongol army arrives Conrad has fleets of steam-powered river boats bristling with guns and a well trained army waiting for them. The Mongols are in for one tough war.

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Aquatic Ape Theory

Dr. Fong Says:
I have always thought that this theory sounded reasonable.

The idea that humans evolved in close proximity to water has been dubbed the ‘Aquatic Ape Theory’.

AAT states that human ancestors evolved in warm and wet environments and gathered much of their food from shallow sea-, lake- or riverside environments through beach-combing, wading and diving for foods such as coconuts, bird's eggs, turtles, shell- and crayfish, part of reeds, papyrus and other aquatic plants.

The theory is somewhat out of favor because several key pieces of evidence fail to support the theory. For example, hairlessness, while found in several aquatic mammals, is not indicative of aquatic mammals (see aardvarks and rhinoceros).

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The Best Ghosts Caught On Tape - Video

Dr. Fong Says:

I have a very good video to share with you today. It has everything you could want in quality supernatural footage. Ectoplasm is oozing from the house, psychic attacks, moving furniture, it even has "professional" demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren.


Let me tell you - That won't work on spooks like these.

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How to Become a Crazed Street Preacher

Dr. Fong Says:
It's a lot more work being crazy these days.

So you want to be a Crazed Street Preacher? It takes a lot of hard work to be this nuts. You have to really want it!

Wake up at 3:30 am to start your day with a bowl of cold shredded wheat and some hot chastisement. As a crazy street preacher you can't bathe, shave or cut your hair... ever again. So it's out the door and on your way.

You will need something to stand on so that everyone can see you. Soap boxes work well for this, as well as pickle boxes, or bean boxes.
Carry your box to a corner that you know will be busy once the sun comes up and stand on top of your box to begin your daily tirade.

Start yelling about a topic of your choice, usually Revelations. Make sure that you pace yourself. You have to do this until at least 12:00 am when you pass our from exhaustion and delusions.

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The Best Krampus Postcard Ever

Dr. Fong Says:
This is the best of the best.

This is a scan of the coolest Krampus postcard that I have ever seen. If you don't know who the Krampus is see the previous blogs at Grus vom Krampus and Night of the Krampus.

Krampus on this postcard has his pitchfork and a wicker basket filled with screaming babies. His right arm has been chained to his right leg for some reason.

Very nice black on red printed postcard. Fine Condition. Price: $75.00

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