Amazing UFO Video Shot By Italian Air Force

Dr. Fong Says:
I think I saw a face in the window!

Video description: "This amazing UFO video footage was released by a source within the Italian Air Force. Probably not alien origin but this may show what technology the secret governments already have."

"Secret Governments" eh? Are we talking New Swabian super Nazis? ..or something more nefarious? Possibly reptilians from the center of the hollow Earth and their ancient flying machines? Or could it actually be from another planet? They traveled hundreds of light years to come here and buzz around our heads?

Many questions. Much confusion.

Thanks to Bonez for spotting this.

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Tony said...

Ah, Dr. Fong, my mission here on this planet is to spread as much confusion and questions as possible. Thank you for assisting in this sacred calling. And what, pray tell, can be more nefarious that Swabian Super Nazis? Possibly our own governments who publicly pose as servants of the people and really are only pawns of our evil alien overlords?

Dr. Fong said...

I think you have got it tony. I'm glad you understand how grave the situation really is!

Haunted TUNA said...

If the government can make UFO toys looking like that then I guess a lot of videos out there of UFO's are just made by people on earth and not by aliens.

Anonymous said...

Is that a real flying saucer

Dr. Fong said...

hmmm... Anonymous... Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries is not the type of place to ask those sorts of questions ;)

Stan The Chosen One said...

Dr.Fong, I can't see the face... Could you point it out!

alienonvacation said...

I have been a ufo buff for over 30 years now. The worlds major governments do have anti-gravity technology. It's hard to tell who's the aliens now. Project Ezekiel ( early 70's ) and Mr Searle ( even smarter for keeping his mouth shut ) should give you some interesting web browsing. However, because the worlds billionaires/bankers have invested heavily into oil, they do not want to loose their shirts over some trivial technology that will kill polution and save countless lives. It is also a fear of them that they will loose control of the world if their enemies had this technology.