Aquatic Ape Theory

Dr. Fong Says:
I have always thought that this theory sounded reasonable.

The idea that humans evolved in close proximity to water has been dubbed the ‘Aquatic Ape Theory’.

AAT states that human ancestors evolved in warm and wet environments and gathered much of their food from shallow sea-, lake- or riverside environments through beach-combing, wading and diving for foods such as coconuts, bird's eggs, turtles, shell- and crayfish, part of reeds, papyrus and other aquatic plants.

The theory is somewhat out of favor because several key pieces of evidence fail to support the theory. For example, hairlessness, while found in several aquatic mammals, is not indicative of aquatic mammals (see aardvarks and rhinoceros).

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Evil Dildo said...

Dear Dr Fong,

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Any relation to Long Dong Schlong Wong?
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Jeffrey said...

I actually loaned a paperback book expounding this theory to my Anthropology 101 professor my freshman year of college ... and never got it back. He said "Sounds like and interesting theory" ... and thought "what an idiot" and threw the book in the trash.

Still, it's interesting to speculate about stuff like this.

PS Gosh, evil dildo, that's some funny stuff. How much pot did you have to smoke to come up with that?

anthrosciguy said...

Hair patterns are one, but hardly the only reason the aquatic ape theory is looked down upon. The fact that the theory contradicts well-established evolutionary principles, that the proponents use falsehoods as "facts" to bolster their case, alter quotes, and just plain make things up does it too. See Aquatic Ape Theory: Sink or Swim? for details.

Dr. Fong said...

I don't understand the problem with beach monkeys. Why did we have to evolve on the plains of africa? Why couldn't we have evolved on its scenic beaches?

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt human ancestors after the split with chimpanzees were waterside. For recent data & dicussions, please google "aquarboreal" or go to

Anonymous said...

Aquatic mammals do not require swimming lessons. Indeed, practically all mammals have better innate swimming abilities than humans.