Cats Gone Wild On Drugs

Dr. Fong Says:

Video Description - "Cats love Catnip. It's like cocaine for cats. If you like strange cat noises and abnormal movements from drugged up animals, this video is for you."

Boy, I sure do!

I also happen to know that most cats love drugs. Even the most mild mannered cats sometimes sneak out at night and go to kitty dope parties where they get high, screeeeech, and roll around on the furniture.

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Panpsychist said...

Dr. Fong,

I think my cat dosed me with some of his nip stash, cause I could not understand a word that commentator said on the vid man!

It was almost as if he were speaking another language. And now the furry bastard is sitting in the corner smirking at me with his nose running.

Anyway, nice vid dude.

Marvin The Magnificent said...

catnip - just say no.

Evil Dildo said...

Dear Dr. Fong,

In one of my restless nights I wandered around the garbage-strewn alleys I call home when I chanced upon a black-coated kitty. The pussy looked unfed and sickly so I picked it up thinking I could nurse it back to health. The next thing I know, I've been gashed and slashed. Bad pussy, bad pussy.

I've been experiencing chills, headaches and backaches ever since that unlucky night. Am I suffering from cat scratch fever?

Yours when paid,

Evil Dildo

Haunted TUNA said...

doenst look nice!!