The Legend of Michigan's Dogman - 20th Anniversary Collectors Edition CD/DVD Set

Dr. Fong Says:
I have been waiting years for this.

I just got my copy of Steve Cook's new CD/DVD set "The Legend of Michigan's Dogman" and all I can say is WOW!

The set comes with a CD containing 6 versions of the Legend song and a DVD with a spooky new music video to go with the new release of the Legend 2007. It also has "The Legend II - The Sigma Story" and a karaoke version of the legend.

The new 2007 version of the Legend is great. A huge improvement over the original (and the original is great) with a new final verse and haunting music track by Don Julin.

If you are at all interested in Michigan's Dogman this is a set you simply must have. It's a steal at $20 and all procedes go to benefit animal rescue groups. So not only is it a great product, it's for a great cause. Buy your copy here!

More about the Michigan Dogman!

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Frank said...

Dr. Fong - It is the seventh year of the decade, and Michigan's Dogman will appear this summer in its first and only novel, with a tentative release date of July 1. Readers can find it on and

All you've ever heard about the creature and more come alive in this new novel. Be sure to check it out!