Mystery creature photographed in Seattle -- a Kangahippomouse?

Dr. Fong Says:
Hmm.. a poor sick squirrel with horrible mange?

"We need readers' help in identifying this incredibly strange creature. My friend Zack has posted a photo of it on his site "

"Just outside of Seattle, WA my roommate Ed recently took a photo of this . . . thing. We have no idea what animal this is but it was seemingly deaf and/or dumb as Ed got extremely close to it before it slunk away."

"There are two tufts of hair on it but, otherwise, it was completely bald. Any thoughts? Your help is appreciated!"

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How to operate your brain

Mr. Myco Says:
Surf the waves of choas.

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out...Learn how to create your own realities. A journey into the mind led by the great acid guru Timothy Leary. Go right on, feed your head!!!

Giant mushrooms signal my coming!

Mr. Myco Says:
Beware my fungal minions!

"A more than 20-kilo (41-lb) mushroom has been picked in a forest in Mexico's southernmost state of Chiapas, university officials said Tuesday. The white mushroom, macrocybe titans, measured a towering 70 cm (27 in) tall, was found near Tapachula, near the Guatemalan border, according to the Southern Border University Center."

Is it radiation? Natural biology? Mutation? For your own sake I wouldn't write it off as such. The growth of these colossal shrooms is nothing short of a testament to the immanence of my coming. My advice is to watch carefully your back yard, the local soccer field, the farm; any grassy place or wooded area is a potential breeding ground for these minions of decay. And do not be fooled, though few caps have surfaced my mycelium network runs vast and deep!

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The mushroom speaks!

Mr. Myco Says:
Greetings from deep space

My last post was slightly ahead of itself, in my eagerness I forgot an introduction...

My name is Mr. Myco, and I was born of interstellar spores. As an agent of symbiotic human-vegetable-consciousness I descended from the heavens and by the will of the great Dr. Fong my tendrilous mycelium have found their way into the Internet, into the house of mysteries.

From time to time It shall be my pleasure to speak to you from the heart of the Fungal mind, but for now I give greetings from deep outerspace, from the depths of your own cylcopean innerrealm.

Sex and Dmt?

Mr. Myco Asks:
Can tryptamines make aphrodesiacs?

When raving glossolalia replaces the usual conversation of copulation, you get a strange journey into an orgasm on the edge of what is real--Crawling hallucinations cover the walls, and sex is no longer what it seems! The bard Terence Mckenna speaks about his eldritch experience of physical union while flashing on dmt--an experience strangly enough under the scrying gaze of two voyueristic buddhist monks! Om mani padme hum...

UFO Near Guernsey (UK) - Pilot Interview

Dr. Fong Says:
An interesting story from a credible source.

Richard and Judy interview Captain Ray Bowyer, the pilot who saw a vast yellow object in the skies above the Channel Islands back in April. Bowyer gives an articulate, straight forward account of an experience that clearly perturbed him.

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