Mystery creature photographed in Seattle -- a Kangahippomouse?

Dr. Fong Says:
Hmm.. a poor sick squirrel with horrible mange?

"We need readers' help in identifying this incredibly strange creature. My friend Zack has posted a photo of it on his site "

"Just outside of Seattle, WA my roommate Ed recently took a photo of this . . . thing. We have no idea what animal this is but it was seemingly deaf and/or dumb as Ed got extremely close to it before it slunk away."

"There are two tufts of hair on it but, otherwise, it was completely bald. Any thoughts? Your help is appreciated!"

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frustrating said...

I like the Kanghippomouse or even the elusive hairy Hipposquirrel. Whatever it is, this sad thing looks like it may have mange. I hope there are more pictures of this... thing.

Medico Nisaba said...

Your freakish mixed-breed animals are a distraction from the true problem: Reptile-Humanoids.

Scott Ryan said...

nice blog, looking forward to your next post.

Osiris said...

I'd like to take a moment to break up the useless "nice blog" comments here and return the focus to an important subject: the abandonment of the ENTIRE issue of Reptile-Humanoids. It's painfully obvious to me that Dr Fong has been gotten to. What else could explain the total lack of coverage on the subject of Reptile-Humanoids? When that subject matter was covered here, it generated the most passionate response and generated the largest number of comments. Now all of a sudden the topic is completely ignored? Why, Dr Fong, have you abandoned the pursuit of truth and replaced it with pointless, mind-numbing fluff?

Andrea said...

I have no idea what it is. Looks like some Hippo hybrid to me.

Panpsychist said...

Holy-Hippo-Shit BatFong! You have found my long lost snookums! Ah... I remember it as if it were yesterday; there I sat, ringside at the "middle ring" of the Three Ring Circus.

Just minding my business, munching stale diesel tinged popcorn, my innocence intact. And like a vision, there she was, emerging from the clowns floppy hat.

It was love at first sight I tell ya! Those seductive perky ears, the long perfectly manicured nails, and that heavenly skin, *shivers*.

And I now confess, I waited til late in the night and stole my love away, both of us giggling, happy and drunk on our new found love, *sigh*.

But after a night of passion like no two lusty beasts have ever known, I awoke to find her gone, leaving only a musky scent and dried saliva on my... um... *sniffle*... ok, I have to go now, I'm becoming all misty.

Send her my address Dr. Fong, I beg you! I've never been the same after our night of sweet loving.

Tony said...

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that this Mr. Myco guy shows up and our dear Dr. Fong has disappeared? At first it was annoying but now I am concerned. Have the Reptilian-Humanoid overlords or the mushroom spores overcome our good Doctor?

Dr. Fong said...

I'm back! It was a long and crazy summer. But I have found some amazing weirdness to share with you. But yes, Mr. Myco now seems to have disappeared - strange.

Anonymous said...

Looks like one of my pet hairless rats.

Stan The Chosen One said...

Hey, Medico and Osiris! Maybe Doctor Fong hasn't reported Reptoids lately because there has not been anything to report on! When something goes on we'll be the first to report.