Dr. Fong's Super Poll Update!

Dr. Fong Says:
Gnomes may not ever reign supreme but their race will survive to watch our star die.

The battle for supremacy rages on and what a race it has been so far! The Dogmen and Flying Polyps have been neck and neck since the start of the poll. Neither one seems to be able to gain the momentum to pull ahead into any kind of lead.

The Flying Polyps being right at the top is really no surprise. These things are only partially matter and can fly by unknown means. How the heck do you deal with that?

The Dogmen, fierce warriors from a distant star, are making a surprise showing. It must be our proximity to Halloween and the fact that it is the 7th year of the decade that is giving them so much power.

Perhaps most surprising of all is that Humanity is actually holding it's own. Yes, those scrappy little bald apes, that all of us love, may just make something of themselves yet.

Make sure to vote for your favorite!

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