Mystic Stone Calendar Disk

Dr. Fong Says:
The Chamula are a very wise people.

This is a stone disk of the mystical Chamula people of central Mexico. After weeks of study I have finally been able to translate the hieroglyphics on this ancient stone disk. It seems it is some sort of archaic calendar. According to my translation the writings read as follows:
"Our calendar, ancient and mysterious, lasts 278 days every three years, and 71 days the other two in a sequence that varies depending on whether the number of chicken sacrifices we make in the previous two years is an odd or even number. It is all very complicated..."
Fascinating! I find it astonishing that thousands of years ago these supposedly primitive people had such advanced knowledge of the workings of the cosmos.

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Rossome said...

This looks like one side of the Phaistos Disc to me, not a calendar from Ancient Mexico. The Paistos disc was found in an old Minoan ruin during excavation some 100 yrs ago. The symbols on the disc match no known writing system. There is "writing" on both the front and back with some shared symbols, but different messages. Although many have "translated" the mysterious symbols, I don't feel that anyone has come up with the true decipherment yet. I suspect the disc are not hundreds or thousands of years old, but perhaps millions of years old. One of the great OOPARTs in the modern world.