Reader Submitted Weirdness: Dope Fairies?

Dr. Fong Says:
It was certainly you and your cousin who were laughing like little girls, little girls high on dope!

"In 1974, I was cross-country skiing with my cousin in the woods of northern Michigan and I encountered something weird. We were moving along and all of a sudden we heard giggling coming from up ahead. It sounded like it was coming from two little girls but there was no one there!"

"We were in an area of the forest made of very small trees so no one could have been hiding. We stopped and listened to them laugh for about a minute, then they stopped. To this day my cousin and I joke about the giggling "fairies" we heard in the forest that day."

"PS: We had smoked some marijuana at the start of our day of skiing."

- Submitted by a reader -


Medico Nisaba said...

Filthy reefer addicts! Why is it that all of you readers are drug abusers, Dr. Fong?

Dr. Fong said...

I'm not sure Medico. Maybe you have to be an some sort of altered state to appreciate this sort of thing.