The Shadow People

Dr. Fong Says:
They seem to be everywhere these days. Much more than the limited sightings of 10 years ago.

The Shadow People (also known as shadow men, shadow folk, or shadow beings) are said to be shadow like creatures of supernatural origin that appear as dark forms in the peripheries of people's vision and disintegrate, or move between walls, when noticed.

Reports of shadow people are similar to ghost sightings, but differ in that shadow people are not reported as having human features, wearing modern/period clothing, or attempting to communicate. Witnesses also do not report the same feelings of being in the presence of something that 'was once human'.

Some individuals have described being menaced, chased, or attacked by shadow people. There have also been reports of shadow people appearing in front of witnesses or lingering for several seconds before disappearing. Witnesses report that encounters are typically accompanied by a feeling of dread.

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Anonymous said...

I dreamed about two shadow men. They came through the large front window after my sister's dog suddenly started barking at the window with me holding her back sitting on the floor. I mean they literally came through the glass into the living room. It's like a shadow but with a fuzzed outline but it's coming right at you. For some reason i knew it was male and knew it was smiling at me (even though it was pitch black where it's face was) while it leaned in only a few inches away from my face. The second one seemed more subdued but i still got that same feeling of dread.
And originally when i woke up i didn't even remember the dream(but now i do obviously) but had that same feeling of dread like someone was watching me or walking up behind me. It really threw me because i was so sure there was someone there. I could feel it i guess you could say. When i figured out they could only say boo and not actually hurt me i'd force myself to chuckle anytime it happened again and after about a week they seemed to stop trying to intimidate me. Then by the second week they disappeared. Though on occasion (sporadically every few weeks or months)i'll be woken up at night feeling like the more intimidating one has it's face right next to mine which provokes a chill no matter how much i try to laugh it off.
Did i mention that it would feel like someone was tickling/touching my feet and toes when i tried to fall asleep during thoughs two weeks even when my feet were snuggly under the covers?

Dr. Fong said...

Your story interests me greatly. I have not had much contact with Shadow People and am very interested in the subject. I have a question for you. You start by saying "I dreamed about two shadow men." Was this a dream or did you actually encounter them?

Anonymous said...

I saw the hat man. This is not a lie or fabrication.I really saw this. as a child I was laying in the lower bunk of a bed i shared with my younger brother. i was about seven years old. I was looking across my room toward a foyer where the entrance to the New york apartment was located.Just beyond and down the hall was my parent's room.across the entrance door which had all sorts of security devices including a dead bolt various key lokcs ,a chain, and even a steel rod that slid into a socket in the floor, was the kitchen area.

i sat there one night staring in front of the entrance,which was lit very brightly by a small night light. I stared at some tiny mice that jumped around a small bag of garbage next to the kitchen entrance or threshold.

Suddenly, it appeared. It was not a man, but some kind of entity. i mean it was totally black like a two-dimensional figure, but it did have the outline of a man wearing a derby. it carried a briefcase and a cane. it simply traversed the metal door and stood there for a moment, in plain sight. it was so black that it literally 'popped-out." Then it looked around both ways.I was frozen with absolute fear. Then it walked into the kitchen and that was all.

I have been traumatized ever since.
There is something going on that no one knows about. Some claim to know, but i think they are lying. What is really remarkable is that many years went by then one day i decided to google images and i typed "hat" and "man." I could not believe that others had witnessed similar things. I even saw a picture of it on the net.

Whatever it is, it is indeed a phenomenon. My intuition tells me that these beings are slaves of some sort, and that they work for an evil source.

This entity seemed determined.

i also had another experience , but with an invisible one. This other experience has led me to believe that there are some beings out there that do not have our best interest at heart. This particular one laughed at me with a very arrogant , diabolical, and condescending manner. It literally held me in a state of fear, and it seemed to feed of this fear. it had the ability to move in my dimension as an invisible force.

So as you can imagine, execpt for my feeble faith in God, i am perpetually afraid.


Anonymous said...

Might anyone know any reason why these shadow people be interested in certain people? A way to communicate? What makes their eyes red?

Anonymous said...

They're not ghosts. And you can communicate with them, but it seems to scare them off most of the time. It's fascinating to find out that other people see and interact with them. There's random book of fiction called Into Dark Rooms where the main character interacts with "shadow men" and gives an interesting theory as to what they are...

Anonymous said...

I must warn you not to engage these creatures unless you know what you are doing.

They are energy hungry creatures that lure you in by making you curious about them. Once this happens you lower your shield and they can begin to drain your 'spiritual energy'. Most cases the feeling of dread is actually the bite mark they leave behind. These creatures are not random they are in fact a form of familiar and are very dangerous.

My group has been tracking them and researching their movements for a few years now and all we can say is the increase is due to a change in tactics. They are stepping up their play and we don't know why, but even basic exorcism does not work on them. So please, if you see one, don't follow it, do what any curious human who is spiritual would not do, and ignore them. It is in your best interest.

Anonymous said...

Replying to the interest comment above, they are familiars. If they have interest in someone, it is because they have been marked as important to them. Either because that person may have a form of power from God that they fear, or want to use. Otherwise it is just them feeding off random energy.

Nigella said...

OMG...I have always "seen" and "known" things others didn't. Today I saw another shadow. I was coming in from outside and clearly saw my shadow on the wall and next to it a larger manly shadow. I thought some guy was behind me, so I quickly turned back to the door and no one was there. But I saw a reflection of a dark figure in the glass pane of the door. I turned back to the wall and the shadow man walked up my stairs. My dogs were freaked out also. I have seen many times a dark shadowy man since I was a child and it has red glowing eyes. There is an overall feeling of evil and sadness. Since my husband freaked out when he saw it hovering over our bed one night, he hung crosses all over the house and we had gone months without incident. No idea why back now. It doesn't seem to matter where I live, he follows. I once saw him in a dream and he gave me a name, which I will not repeat. I looked it up online and it was a demon's name. I was shocked! I figured just a crazy dream! But here it was, it was a demon's name. I spoke to a priest and he said it was following me for some reason, perhaps because it knew I was able to feel and see him, and waiting for me to put my guard down. I pray often and have built up strength, but now I am wondering how to rid of this as exorcism only works on a human who is possesed. Anyone with advice or ideas, I appreciate it. It is nice to know someone out there doesn't think this is crazy!

Yume said...

I am trying to figure out what to think of my experiences. I don't know what it is that I really saw but... I will say that I have endured sleep paralysis, where he would appear, a shadow that when I first recall experiencing... felt like an old friend that I haven't seen in such a long time... The second experience became very violent... and the feeling of him being there became much more frightful and aggressive. Could feel him around, daytime but mostly night. I would imagine it all in my head but I've had him interfere with someone else in my life, even if they don't remember it... I would like to think I'm over reacting and its all just part of some sleep paralysis hallucination but during one sleep paralysis encounter I willed myself to move... I didn't think that you were suppose in that state... I had to force myself into a wall to snap out of said state... Or for that matter have it follow you into the waking routine of life... I haven't seen him around lately but I can't seem to let this experience be forgotten... I'm at a loss of what to think, if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. Or If I'm really loosing it that would be of use to know too.

Anonymous said...

how can i help someone who see's the hooded figure?

Anonymous said...

I was attacked by several dozen of them last night. I believe they are making a play to destroy our world before we achieve the true space age. I believe they are behind many of the bad things happenning in the world.

I am pretty sure they attacked me because I was in a horrid mood yesterday and so was weak and exposed. It was the first time they have ever been able to reach out and touch me. It felt like being frozen.

If anyone has any advice on how to stand up to them, now would be a useful time to post it... I am told that once they latch on, attempts to expel them will cause them to seek out friends, neighbors, and loved ones nearby. I want to banish them from my existance immediately and permanently.

I firmly believe in the Light and I know that Light always overcomes darkness. If they come back I will face them (wow, I sound like a nutjob...) Any advice? The best I have found is to pray to Christ for forgiveness and the strength to do good.

John Rose said...

Em C
Creeping in the darkness
of every fear and pain
lurk the shadow men
they want to get into your brain

living on human life
they wanna suck your soul
they wanna wrong everything right

the shadow men
dont wanna rule the world
they only want to hate
want us to suffer til we hurl

in the modern age
they are seeking dominance
but it aint nuthin new
and they AINT heaven sent

in the old days
we used to exorcise demons
but in the modern age
they call us crazy for believin'

so the shadow men
they begin to win the war
but I'm here to tell you now
that I'm here to close the door

no more shadow people
cause we will shine the light
shine bright just like the sun
so we can make it through the night

No more shadow men
we will not live in strife
we will believe
and we will only spread the light

the earth today
living sick with drought and war
so many people starving
We cant take this anymore

plague and famine
is the work of the shadow
war and hatred
they try to bring us into battle

aint nuthin new
way back original sin
call it the devil
you can call it what you will

but when I see the shadow people
I know they whisper ill
I know those shadow people
they torture and they kill

so when I see them
from this day on in time
I will confront them
with my bhodi and my mind

(optional ending, same E->A as chorus)
No more shadows
I am calling you out
step out the shadows
Jah will clean this house (repeat and fade)

Anonymous said...

Yes... During my highschool years around year 2001 I first encountered "Shadow Man" this was the name I spontaneously gave it. It was strange to say that the entity was "real", but as time has passed since that first encounter, his appearances have continued and my brother has vouched for my accounts, having many of his own.

Anonymous said...

Yep, when I was 10 my brother's friend warned me not to go into the golf course we lived by at night because of the shadow people. When I was 14 I saw them (I had forgotten all about the warning so I definitely wasn't trying to find them and I have always been a very skeptical person) and a few years later a friend saw them. Mine did a weird thing where they flashed on and off and with every flash on they were a step closer. After about a set of 10 flashes it would multiply. I ran after it got to 3 creepy figures :/ No red eyes though. -Seen in Honoka'a golf course, Big Island of Hawaii.