Special Report: Disappearing Bee Crisis

Peter Soma Says:
It's hard to type when hundreds of bees are covering your face!

During the last few years beekeepers have noticed a devastating decline in the honey bee population. It all started around 1995, when apiaries noticed some bees were not making honey. These previously hard-workers were now flying around "drunkenly."

Some scientists
blamed the behavior on a genetic disorder, others claimed that the saturation of cell phone towers had thrown off the bee's inner compass. With all the confusion I decided to find out for myself.

I have been dealing with bees for many years. Sometimes the bees even whisper secrets to me when I am inspecting their hives. According to my sources in the local honey bee
community, this bee population collapse has been caused by a dangerous and new horrifying monster, the parasitic monkey bee.

The parasitic monkey bee inserts it's stinger into the back of the honey bee's head. Amazingly the monkey bee is then able to take control of the body of the honey bee, clumsily "driving" it back to the hive, were it lays it's eggs and infects the whole hive.

One honey bee source stated, "Folks up top are trying to keep this on the D.L., they think if the workers find out about this it will create an awful buzz."