Compendium Reptilianum: The Blood-Pact and General Recognition

Medico Nisaba:
I have quite a body of information to share with you.

"Many authors have written at length concerning the force of imagination. All are agreed that the imagination is a most potent force. They argue that as the imagination examines the images of objects perceived by the senses, it excites in the appetitive faculty either fear or shame or anger or sorrow; and these emotions so affect a person that they may become joyful or dejected."
The Reptile-Humanoid can effect the most rapid local movement of bodies, so that it can withdraw an object from sight and substitute another so quickly that it deludes the understanding and the eyes of the onlookers into a belief that the first object has been changed into the second.

The pact formed between a human and the reptiles may be either expressed or tacit. The expressed pact consists of a solemn vow of fidelity and homage made, in the presence of witnesses, to the reptile visibly present in some bodily form. The tacit
pact involves the offering of a written petition to the reptile, and may be done by proxy through another reptile or some third party.

First, they deny their humanity and are bathed in a mock baptism consisting of human blood. They forswear their old name and are given a new one to be used in the company of other reptilians. They swear allegiance to the reptiles within a circle traced upon the ground. They must every year make some sacrifice to the reptiles as their masters to avoid being beaten by them, or to purchase exemption from such of their pledged undertakings as are obnoxious to them. Finally, the reptiles place their mark upon some part or other of their bodies, as fugitive slaves are branded; and this branding is sometimes painless and sometimes painful, as I have learned from examples of it.

The mark is not always of the same description; for at times it is like the footprint of the hare, sometimes like that of a toad or a spider or a dog. The most valued of those entering the blood-pact bare the mark of Baphomet, who has some significance to the reptiles. For men the mark is generally found on the arm-pit or genitalia; whereas on women it is found on the breast or genitalia.


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WHOA! I had no idea they had to undergo such rituals! That strikes fear into my heart. You'd better tell us more, because I want to know if my neighbors are reptile humanoids.

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No kidding, these things sound horrible! How can I protect my home from these creatures?

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So how powerful are these reptiles?