Compendium Reptilianum: Introduction

Medico Nisaba Says:
Compendium Reptilianum : A 21st Century Guide to Identifying and Destroying Reptile-Humanoids

Medico Nisaba here, this is an introduction to my new series of blog articles on Reptile-Humanoids.

The Dr. Fong Blog has remained silent on the subject of Reptile-Humanoids for quite some time now. It seems interest has faded, perhaps due to Osiris's noble work to defeat them. While I do admire Osiris and look to him as a source of inspiration, I have discovered that his work was left incomplete.

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but the Reptile-Humanoids survived. They are, at this very moment, rebuilding their depleted ranks and once again the struggle for domination of Earth is upon us.

As Osiris had mentioned in his blogs here at Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries, the Reptilian bloodlines have managed to gain a foothold in positions of power all around the world. All human wars are caused by these creatures. There are really no opposite sides to any war, they are all created by these creatures to inflict pain on the human population. These creatures feed on the negative energy created by human misery.

I am currently scouring the world for information on the subject of Reptile-Humanoids and will be forwarding this information to Dr. Fong to post here on his blog. Dr. Fong has promised to protect my true identity, as I would be unable to gather information on these secretive creatures if I were to be exposed.

I hope you learn from my series of articles, the road ahead of us will be difficult, but not impossible. We can survive this threat and emerge from the battle victorious and only then will we be able to live as one people, together in peace on Earth.

You will hear from me again soon, as I gather my information and compile it into a comprehensible version suitable for posting to this blog.

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Tony said...

Finally, someone bold and brave enough to bring forth the truth on the reptilian-humanoid threat to our planet. If we are to survive we need information warriors scouring resources in search of their weaknesses so we may counter their invasion techniques. Thank you, Medico Nisaba and Dr. Fong.