Dr. Fong needs your help - Strange Creature

Dr. Fong Says:
It's not easy having a 10 foot tube coming out of your face.

I have a huge collection of weird images on my computer. Whenever I see something strange I copy it into iPhoto. The only problem with this is that sometimes years later I come across an image and have no idea where it came from or what it is. This is true of the above image. Anyone know the story on this one?

I know that the
readers at Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries know more about most things than most people, so I thought I would pose the question to you, my dear readers.

Please post in the comments if you have any information about the above picture. At this point, I wouldn't even mind some wild speculation.

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Lesley said...

All I remember about that photo was that it supposedly shows a captured alien and that it was making the internet rounds years ago. I have no idea where it originated from.

Not much help am I?

Regan Lee said...

I've been seeing that image for years. I think I saw it in one of those Time Life books, or maybe Reader's Digest -- the books like "Mysterious Worlds" or "UFOs: the unexplained" -- titles like that. They would often put out several in a series, or set. I have one of those (the set, I mean) but I have no idea if that's where the image comes from.

It's fake of course, lol. I saw something (I think it was on line, not sure)where they put the original photo next to the one shown here. I think a small child was in the original; all very murky! Well, glad I could help Dr.Fong :)

Anonymous said...

Super fake. Please read my "real" testimony on the home page.


Dr. Fong said...

I would love to see the original photo you speak of so I could conclusively put this one to rest.


tlelover@hotmail.com said...

I read somewhere (on a UFO website) that the photo was taken during World War 2 and that the Nazis had somehow shot or captured a UFO, and that NAZIs were 'working' with the Aliens to learn about their technology.