Shadow People - The Hat Man

Dr. Fong Says:
RM, Dr. Fong is not afraid of such filth! I am, even now, weaving spells to bolster your psychic protection. If these creeps ever come after you again just tell them you are under the protection of the good doctor.

This was submitted by one of our readers...

I saw the hat man. This is not a lie or fabrication. I really saw this. As a child I was laying in the lower bunk of a bed I shared with my younger brother. I was about seven years old. I was looking across my room toward a foyer where the entrance to the New York apartment was located. Just beyond and down the hall was my parents' room. Across from the entrance door which had all sorts of security devices including a dead bolt various key locks, a chain, and even a steel rod that slid into a socket in the floor, was the kitchen area.

I sat there one night staring in front of the entrance,which was lit very brightly by a small night light. I stared at some tiny mice that jumped around a small bag of garbage next to the kitchen entrance or threshold.

Suddenly, it appeared. It was not a man, but some kind of entity. I mean it was totally black like a two-dimensional figure, but it did have the outline of a man wearing a derby. It carried a briefcase and a cane. It simply traversed the metal door and stood there for a moment, in plain sight. It was so black that it literally "popped-out." Then it looked around both ways. I was frozen with absolute fear. Then it walked into the kitchen and that was all.

I have been traumatized ever since.

There is something going on that no one knows about. Some claim to know, but I think they are lying. What is really remarkable is that many years went by then one day I decided to Google images and I typed "hat" and "man." I could not believe that others had witnessed similar things. I even saw a picture of it on the net.

Whatever it is, it is indeed a phenomenon. My intuition tells me that these beings are slaves of some sort, and that they work for an evil source.

I also had another experience , but with an invisible one. This other experience has led me to believe that there are some beings out there that do not have our best interest at heart. This particular one laughed at me with a very arrogant , diabolical, and condescending manner. It literally held me in a state of fear, and it seemed to feed of this fear. It had the ability to move in my dimension as an invisible force.

So as you can imagine, except for my feeble faith in God, I am perpetually afraid.


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Medico Nisaba said...

This is nowhere as spooky as driving down the road and seeing a woman floating in the air, turning away fr a second and only seeing a little wisp of light energy where she was.

i.n.p.h.o. said...

i too had the same experience, and with the bunk bed too and about the same age as you. but i believe i brought it on to me because a few days before i played with my parent's voodoo stuff. but he/it was not wearing a hat he/it seemed to be wearing a hood.

Anonymous said...

I had an experience with this thing also when I was about 6 or so. I am 43 now and had pretty much forgotten about it until recently when I was listening to a radio show about paranormal and someone described seeing a man in a hat in his room when he was in bed and I remembered it. When I was about 6 I was in my bed I think asleep and I guess at first I was dreaming and in this dream a man wearing a long black coat and a wide brimmed black had and he had no face just everything was completely black. Anyway I remember he somehow appeared and was standing right in front of me facing me like he was looking at me but I couldnt see any eyes. It was weird though like a very intense fear starting building up like i never felt before and he just stood there facing me. He wasnt threatening me or anything but was like somehow he transmitted to me this feeling of extreme panic and then I woke up terrifed and was looking across my bedroom and I could see some shape against my wall moving. Even though the light was off this shape was like blacker than the dark and I just stared at it and it appeared to be backing into the wall or slowly disappearing. I was crying and yelled for my dad and he came to my room and turned the light on and nothing was there but I had seen something. Until recently I had forgotten about it and never thought anything of it but since I began researching this hat man and the description people give and the feeling of fear I am sure this thing is real. I didnt know anything of any man in a black coat and hat with no face at that time so there was absolutely no reason for me to see it even in a dream and even the worse nightmare I ever have doesnt create the feeling of fear that this man just standing still looking at me did. It seemed like this thing had something to do with the devil or a demon.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar experience back in the '90's. I 'woke up' to the sound of a baby crying. A young woman approached me and I let her touch my hand. When she did I felt like I was being sucked out of my body. I struggled to sit up, trying to scream. No sound came out and couldn't move, then it felt ... like I was passing through an electrical spider web? for lack of a better way to word it. When I sat up, there was a backlit man with what looked like a fedora? standing at the end of my bed. I fought the pull towards him. It scared me to death. When I 'pulled loose', it was like something let me go and I felt like I flew back and slammed into my bed and body. When I sat up, there was nothing there.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like sleep paralysis, when your mind wakes up, but your body hasn't quite done so. Usually feels like something is in the room with you. When feeling does come back it can feel like your being 'impacted' as all your nerve cells fire. Happens to me about 7-8 times a year. So its either that or Hat man likes to drop by for a spot of tea from time to time. I seriously doubt the latter.

Anonymous said...

sounds to me like you were dreaming, i mean you were lying in bed watching mice. eeww. and the enity had no interaction with you at all. the dark places all kinds of tricks on peoples eyes. the fact that you were lying on the bed looking out into the kitchen where the door had more locks than a bank vault. seems to me like it was a dream or you were right about to hit your rpm and jerked awake.

Anonymous said...

My friend has seen this, my friend's mom, dad and myself. I saw this last night actually. My friend's grandma says she knows what it means but won't tell anyone. So basically I'm trying to figure out what it means.

Anonymous said...

i used to see the hat man all the time when i was a kid. he followed me and some of my friends. at first he was terrifying, because i had no idea what he was about or who he was. eventually we "made friends" and i felt like he was just hanging around to check on me and see whats going on. i think the shadow people are like nosy neighbors. ghosts cant hurt you unless you believe they can, just like anything else that happens in your mind or is perceived with your mind's eye.

Anonymous said...

I am 38 years old and I have been seeing hat man all of my life.I have seen him in dreaming and waking reality. I've always thought that I was the only person to have this experience or that this backlit guy with a fedoro hat and black suit was specific to only me. I was extremely surprised to find out recently that people all over the world have seen him. My earliest memory of him was in hynogogic dream states as a very young child or infant. Most recently he communicated somethng to me in a lucid dream state. Throughout my life, he seems to contact me in a dream state first and then he will manifest into physical waking life soon after. I don't know who he is or what he wants but I have my theories. My only advice to someone who encounters him/them and feels intense fear is to confront him/them. Tell him/them that you are not afraid of him/them and MEAN IT ! My faith in Jesus and his love is what gave me the courage to do this. When I did confront him/them, I got as close to his face as I could and screamed at him that Jesus loves me and that Jesus' love is much more powerful than he is. When I did this, he seemed to agree with me and my fear of him subsided. From then on, he lost the power that he had over me. He still appears to me but not in a manacing or fearful way. In a strange way, it's almost like we're friends now and he just stops in once in a while to hang out. Sounds insane, I know

Dr. Scott (of Syracuse NY) said...

About 15 years ago in cookeville, Tennessee, I shared a house with three roommates. I was also active in exploring paranormal and psychic phenomenon. I'd had some strange encounters with moths, and when I meditated on them, I saw this figure... substantially the same as is being described here. I also recieved a name: Djerva. I could find no references to this name at the time (before Google!) Apparently, it's a Scandanavian name--I still don't know if it has a particular meaning.

One night, when everyone else was asleep, I got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. it was pitch black except for the light coming through the windows from a pole light on a side-street. As I stood there, the microwave oven beeped, and the timer set to 1:13 and started counting down. The oven did not turn on. I watched, frozen with creeped-out curiousity. When the timer reached zero, the display just went black as if nothing had happened. I felt as though I was being watched.

Later that week, I had come home from work, laid down for a nap, and awoken around 8:30 p.m. I put on my bathrobe and went down the hall to the kitchen where my friends mike and Michelle were talking. When I came around the corner, they both stopped talking and looked at me as if were painted blue or something. Mike said "How'd you change clothes so fast?" I said, "I've been in my room for hours." Michelle said, "Tthat wasn't you who just walked in and went down the hall?" (the side door we all used opened into the kitchen, opposite the hallway.)

They both began to go pale, and I asked them a few questions... they had both seen, out of the corner of their eyes while talking, someone tall like me, dressed darkly, come through the door and go down the hallway. Mike said he thought the figure was wearing a hat. I asked them whether either of them actually remembered the door opening and closing, and their eyes got wide. Neither of them did, and Michelle literally began to freak out.

A search of the house turned-up nothing unusual. I have had minor brushes with this same figure repeatedly over the years, but nothing so visual as what they described.

The following week, Mike encountered something in the dark hallway in the middle of the night that scared him so bad that he totally refused to talk about it, and he wasn't quite himself for weeks afterward.

Cassie L said...

I have been seeing the Hat Man all of my life.
The first time I saw him I was 5 or 6, I was up in Maine in sleeping in my grandparents house, I saw this man shadow of a man standing in their bay window, he seemed to be looking back and forth across the rooms, he was clutching what seemed to be a canvas bag. Scared the life out of me, I told everyone the next morning and NO ONE believed me. So I thought I was hallucinating.
Well, around when I was 17/18 years old, I began to see him again in our house in CT. He would stand at the foot of my bed and just STARE at me. He had huge gaping black holes for eyes, pale blonde straw like hair that stuck out from under a wide brim hat. Wearing what seemed to be a trenchcoat like thing, underneath, a collared white shirt and black pants. It wouldn't totally scare me, but I didn't quite like the fact that it was there. I told him if he wasn't going to leave me alone then at least move, so he stood at the head of my bed instead...I saw him there until the day we moved out when I was 19. Now I'm 25 and I am seeing him again, different town...but this time he brought friends. I don't really know if these things or the Hat Man are "evil" but I do believe they are interdimensional beings and they seem very curious. ALTHOUGH, I saw a figure standing over my son's bed a few nights in a row, finally, I asked them what they wanted...they said, "We want him, we want his soul."
I said, "Well you can't have it so get the hell out!"
Surprisingly, they left.
I still see him and numerous other shadows around the house, they seem to be very shy though.

Anonymous said...

when i was a child i would always tell my mother that i was scared to go down into the basement because THE MAN IN THE HAT would get me now i 16 years old. i don't see him anymore but to me he was very real and i am hoping to see him again one day.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Hat man with perfect clarity for the first time back in March just 6 months ago. I believe he purposefully showed himself to me. Over the years I've seen a tall dark shadow out of the corner of my eye. This time how ever I think he made a point to meet me. At first I couldn't see him in the dark. Since it was night> I just saw blackness not dark but black. It makes me think of the total absence of color. So black color nor light could never penetrate it. It is, i believe, neither good nor evil. I felt he was letting me know he's waiting. That is what I felt he told me some how. Just not out loud. A few days ago I went to the Doctor because of serious pain and bleeding. That I have a large mass the size of 2 tennis balls stacked on top of each other totally taking over my stomach putting pressure on my uterus, ovaries, kidneys, liver, bowels and so on. I'm 5ft 2in that's pretty much my entire stomach. He's waiting that is the message I recieved that night. I doubt it very little I have always been empathic. I get feelings so clear and intense it's a knowing. I don't believe he is good or evil. He is outside of God and Satan. He cares not what they do. I'm not sure what I think he is. If he is death as some believe or if he is the watcher. The one who keeps the balance between the two. Making sure good and evil stay balanced. Keeping the demons that try to make their way into our world. Dark things do seem to follow me. Maybe that indelible fear when we first see him is an eternity of staving off human demons. But i know he told me he was waiting he had all the time in the worlds. So ne one else's experience have similar circumsatances? I'm very interested to know.
Here is a poem a wrote a few months after seeing him.

"The Hat Man"
I know at times I've seen you;
only glimpses you were before.
Now that I've seen you more clearly
I wonder what your waiting for?
Would you tell me if I asked you; would you want to if you could?
You'd probably say it's of no importance;
and never waiver where you stood.
Your the dark that bares no shadow;
The black that reflects no light.
You are of born of unknown substance.
set apart from wrong or right. Some call you the watcher;
From what they've seen of you.
Me, I feel as if your waiting;
I worry what trouble brews.
Are you the omen of pain and sorrow
of some horrors yet to come?
Will you be there that very moment?
When I realize my life has come undone?
Will you sit and watch me just biding your time;
While I slowly take my last ragged breath;
Just another soul to carry for the one that they call death.
R. Mansfield. New Mexico.