Undercover in the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Juan the Chamula Says:
Never before seen wonders await you inside.

A Dr. Fong's House of Mysteries Exclusive!

Deep in the urban waste land that is Seattle, Washington, stands an imposing and bizarre structure known as the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame. Throughout the ages many have quested to the location, but few who have ventured inside have returned, leaving us guessing at what mysteries lay behind the building’s mysterious fa├žade.

Well my Chamulas, one of the good doctor’s agents was not only able to survive his trip inside the Mecca of geekdom, but escaped with never before seen video footage. In his recording, we are taken into the depths of the complex where Yoda, Ape-men, and the Rocketeer are imprisoned and put on display.

The museum is notorious for feeding those who break their prohibition against cameras to Rancors (this explains why so little footage of the place exists). Luckily our agent was caught by a disillusioned security guard and was simply asked to put his camera away. He is now somewhere deep in the Chamula highlands hiding from the Museum’s goons who have taken a death oath to destroy him.