Who Is Supreme? - Final Poll Results

Dr. Fong Says:
Gnomes may not ever reign supreme but their race will survive to watch our star die.

The battle for supremacy has ended and what a race it was! The Dogmen started out strong but where overwhelmed later in the race by the evil Reptile-Humanoids.

We thought that the Reptile-Humanoids had been destroyed or at least scattered by the vicious crusades of Osiris over a year ago. Now, out of nowhere, it seems they have returned in great numbers.

We now know that Osiris failed in his mission. The Reptile-Humanoid control network was never even disrupted! They have continued, unseen, to spread their Satanic cults and to breed ever more mind-control slaves. The Reptile-Humanoids will surely destroy us all!

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Stan the Chosen One said...

Not if humanity has anything to do about it!!!