The Cursed Number 13

Dr. Fong Says:
The number thirteen is unimportant. Fixate on any number and you will begin to see it everywhere. Either that or a jealous lover has put a curse on you. You can break it by shouting a lot and not bathing.

Hi there Dr.Fong...
I have been quite a follower of your work for some time now, and reading all about your research has opened my eyes somewhat.

I have a problem that I hope you might have some advice on.

I am not sure exactly how long this "curse" has been lingering with me, but on too many occasions (I have completely ruled out coincedence) the number 13 makes it's way to my attention.

I have no idea what to think of this. is somebody attempting to contact me, or trying to tell me something?

The other theory is that I have lost my mind, but it all makes too much sense while at the same time making no sense. Licence plates, phonecall durations, roadsigns, in movies, music... why is this number after me? I don't look for it, it finds me.

How am I to sooth this mild fear or build the exitement enough to make some sense of it? I would love to hear your opinion on this situation I'm in please.

I think it is a brilliant service you provide and your findings often leave me very fascinated and inspired to do some research and exploration of my own.

Thank you Dr.Fong.

Jaco Strydom,
South Africa


Stan The Chosen One said...

This is just like the movie "The Number 23". To break the curse you must remember that 13 is just a number.

Nam D. Nas said...

13 is not just a number, it is also a word (thirteen). Two T's, Two E's: that is scary

Dr. Fong said...

You are a word.

Jaco Strydom said...

So howcome it won't leave me alone...
Some shit iz going on and we aren't ready for it, it's calling out to me but I don't understand it's language!!! 13

Anonymous said...

First of all you should know that 13 means that it all just started. It is NOT true that 13 is a bad number that should be 11 the opening to the other dimensions in the quantum of the universe. 9-11= 9+1+1=11 a new dimension in the world opened that day.
13=1 the 13th month, is January in the west. the 13th hour is 1 on the clock. 13 just means something new is started in your live, a new era has begun.

Don't let them fool you with numerologies!!It can make you very scared and even crazy.

You say you lost your child, I'm very sorry. But listen to what he or she has to say to you. Now think! he or she is showing you something!! telling you it started all over and telling you should go on with your live. Telling you it didn't stop but just started. Telling you should not worry because you will see each other again after it all stopped. 0 does not exists because 0 is eternal and after 0=12 comes 13 and 13=1 it is the cycle of cycles, the cycle of live. 13 means it is just begon.

It would be a very long story to explain it all and my English is not so good. But don't worry about the number. it is ok. let it go and go on. that is what it is trying to tell you.your kid is with you and will be there waiting for to your kid he/she will hear you and will send you thoughts and strength. the spirit want's you to enjoy your live so stop worrying ok. I can feel you do, and I can feel your pain and your kid can also feel it.Nothing bad will happen, I know you believe that at the moment but it is not what the number tells you. that is Hollywood bullshit. Go on and enjoy your live. your kid is a part of you and will always be part of you and be with you. If you live in pain all parts of you will feel it. it's time to tell you understand and the next number will follow 14=2(together)

If you like I can tell you more. leave your mail adress here and I will contact you.

XXX with light


Anonymous said...

Sorry I did read something wrong. I thought You wrote; the other theorie is that I just lost my child but You wrote I did just lost my mind. But you did not.

Anyhow something is going on in your live you can't handle, You think it is a curse but it is not. It is just saying you have to go on. restart! 13=1 Leave the past 12=0 and walk the pathway of light.

things are not things they are build out of thoughts. shaped out of shapeless in the rays of the light. All things on earth can only exist of what exists not, in your mind.

btw, it is not following you, you are looking for it else you would not see! search for the next number. you will find it everywhere.


Anonymous said...

The beginning you say... you know I have heard so many ridiculous theories but that one Sjaman... quite possibly the most acurate. I am starting to understand it more clearly and have stopped fearing it entirely...
But just some words of advice for whomever decides to listen, this is bigger than just me and we are in for one hell of a ride...
Thank you for the wisdom...

Jaco again (^_^)

lucky_number said...

13 is a lucky number. It reduces to the number 4, the lucky number for fate/wheel of fortune (good karma). 8, or any numbers that add up to 8 are unlucky-representing the negative aspect/side of fate (negative karma). People born on the 4, 13, 22, etc. or whose birth dates (day, month and year) add up to 4 will often encounter the numbers 4 and 8 in their lives. Similarly will those born of 8, but they will experience unluckier lives, unless they are aware of this. They should try and incorporate 4, rather than 8 into their lives for telephone/house/etc. numbers. All numbers are ok except 8 and 9, and I'm not sure about 0, representing the serpent's tail. No one can possess the number 0 as a birth number, obviously. All numbers add up to themselves when 9 is added, ie. 3+9=12=1+2=3, also 7+9=16=1+6=7. To make the number 666 a positive number we need only add a 6, turning it from "evil" to love (represented by 6). That is it in a nutshell. I find it very interesting.

Weird thing I've noticed: On TV shows/in movies the numbers of houses/offices/buildings, etc. are always 4 or 5 or reduce to these numbers... weird

Remember, numbers aren't curses. You choose your life before you are born based on past live's karma. You have chosen this for a reason Jaco. I find the numbers 4 and 5 often in my life. Rather see it as a blessing that you even noticed. Many go through life blind.

bruce hood said...

Actually, there is scientific truth to the power of numbers to effect cause. Read this:

and for other weirdness

I love your site Dr. Fong


Anonymous said...

Number 13 is far from being cursed or having bad luck. It is simply a superstition people have given it. Although dont get freaked out if it follows you around.. I was born on the thirteen of july i use jersey number 13. I scored my thirteenth goal on the thirteenth game in the thirteenth minute of my thirteenth season. My bestfriends house number ends in 13, and i have many more...

Anonymous said...

13 is a very unlucky number for my house i dont care what anyone says its cursed at leat three thing break down every wk laptops , kettles , hoovers , washers dryers you name it we bought a car not so long ago couple of month nothing but trouble always getting repaired same problems too sold it bought a new one , driving it home from where we just bought it along the motorway some kids threw a brick over the bridge it chip cracked and broke insurance is only 3rd party so bang goes another wks wage and then some every wk are weekly wages are taken up by replace broken goods, also it has been op after opt for my family this year , i have lived at number 13 and have done for evelen years these are no lies it is every wk some thing breaks or something unbelievable happens , i really wish i could move does anyone know how to lift this curse please HELP worset of all am due to have a baby on the 6 th of jan i went a wk over this my other two which would make it the 13th ,