"Lizard People" invade MN Senate Recount

Dr. Fong Says:
Very funny until you remember that lizard people actually control most of the government.

Day 3 of Minnesota's Senate recount brings some welcome comic relief in the name of write-in candidates on challenged ballots: Lizard People and Flying Spaghetti Monster, with a little Frankenstin [sic] for good measure.

I find the bigger joke to be that they are spending so much time on this. What a mess!

Also, he says "The other lizard people's were filled in" referring to their ballot bubbles. Just how many votes did the lizard people get?

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Maritza said...

It reminds me of the time the British parliament argued about making Spam illegal and a couple of barristers thought they were passing bills against the spiced luncheon meat therefore spending hours arguing meaninglessly.

Josh said...

Awesome Dr. Fong! I love the site and the existential fight over the existence of the Lizard people, someone call David Ickes and get him up here...!