Alien Dreamtime - Terence McKenna DMT Spoken Word

Dr. Fong Says:
This was the soundtrack for my earliest mushroom experiments.

what was happening was that there were a lot of beings in there, a lot of what I call self-transforming machine elves. Sort of like jeweled basketballs all dribbling their way toward me. And if they had faces they would've been grinning at me, but they didn't have faces. And they assured me that they loved me, and they told me not to be amazed, not to give way to astonishment. And so I watched them, even though I wondered if maybe I hadn't really done it this time!

And what they were doing, was they were making objects come into existence by singing them into existence. Objects which looked like Faberge eggs from Mars, morphing themselves with Mandaean alphabetical structures. They looked like the concrescence of linguistic intentionality put through a kind of hyperdimensional transform into three-dimensional space. And these little machines offered themselves to me. And I realized when I looked at them, that if I could bring just one of these little trinkets back, nothing would ever be quite the same again.

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Majase Cyc said...

Ah, Terence and DMT, a quantum combination that can never go wrong!

This has always been one of my faves as well--it goes beyond, the beyond

Dr. Fong said...

I was nervous but Terence calms me down.