Communion clip shows "The Hat Man"

Dr. Fong Says:
This also reminds me of Terence Mckenna's Machine Elf toys.. a possible DMT connection?

I was watching clips on YouTube, looking for Christopher Walken actually, when I found the above clip from the movie Communion from 1989. To me this scene was always the most bizarre in a movie full of strange scenes.

During hypnosis, when Christopher Walken first sees a creature peeking behind his bedroom door it is not the regular Grey alien. This time you can clearly see the brim of a hat and dark outline as it comes around the door. You can see that it looks very much like what many people have been calling The Hat Man. See: Shadow People - The Hat Man.

When you can finally get a good look at it as it comes flailing across the room it is some kind of strange mechanical toy. What is the purpose of this strange puppet? A diversion? Something to make us laugh and forget about the horror that awaits us on board the ship? What is the link between The Hat Man and the Greys?

Is The Hat Man who you see when the alien mind control works? He is not exactly soothing but at least he is not alien to us. Maybe Whitley Strieber saw through the illusion and saw this Shadow Man for the cheap hypnotic trick that he is. He knew that the real horrors for the night were only beginning.

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