Compendium Reptilianum: Terrible Deeds

Medico Nisaba Says:
More to follow on the enriching of the subjects by their reptile masters.

It is most clearly proved by my experience that the reptiles can control not only the rain and hail and the wind, but even the lightning and seismic events.

So-called "Weather Weapons" are merely quasi-natural events controlled by these loathsome creatures. Men and women have been known who could raise, not only hail storms, but lightning also.

It is one of the obligations that reptile-humanoids owe to their masters that when they assemble, they must show that they have wrought some fresh evil since the last meeting; and if they cannot do so they do not escape unscathed.

They may not be able to plead ignorance as an excuse, their evil master instructs them in all those activities which he demands from them: as spreading pestilence or in the use of poisons, and in working as far in them lies for the destruction of the entire human race.