Shadow People - Invasion from another dimension?

Dr. Fong Says:
So many people have experienced this that there must be something to it!

The Shadow People

Shadow People - The Hat Man
Wow my two posts about shadow people have attracted a lot of attention! It sure seems like a lot more people have been seeing these things lately. Below are some of the many comments from the original two posts...
"I had an experience with this thing also when I was about 6 or so. I am 43 now and had pretty much forgotten about it until recently when I was listening to a radio show about paranormal and someone described seeing a man in a hat in his room when he was in bed and I remembered it. When I was about 6 I was in my bed I think asleep and I guess at first I was dreaming and in this dream a man wearing a long black coat and a wide brimmed black had and he had no face just everything was completely black.

Anyway I remember he somehow appeared and was standing right in front of me facing me like he was looking at me but I couldn't see any eyes. It was weird though like a very intense fear starting building up like i never felt before and he just stood there facing me. He wasn't threatening me or anything but was like somehow he transmitted to me this feeling of extreme panic and then I woke up terrified and was looking across my bedroom and I could see some shape against my wall moving. Even though the light was off this shape was like blacker than the dark and I just stared at it and it appeared to be backing into the wall or slowly disappearing. I was crying and yelled for my dad and he came to my room and turned the light on and nothing was there but I had seen something.

Until recently I had forgotten about it and never thought anything of it but since I began researching this hat man and the description people give and the feeling of fear I am sure this thing is real. I didn't know anything of any man in a black coat and hat with no face at that time so there was absolutely no reason for me to see it even in a dream and even the worse nightmare I ever have doesn't create the feeling of fear that this man just standing still looking at me did. It seemed like this thing had something to do with the devil or a demon."

"I had a similar experience back in the '90's. I 'woke up' to the sound of a baby crying. A young woman approached me and I let her touch my hand. When she did I felt like I was being sucked out of my body. I struggled to sit up, trying to scream. No sound came out and couldn't move, then it felt ... like I was passing through an electrical spider web? for lack of a better way to word it. When I sat up, there was a backlit man with what looked like a fedora standing at the end of my bed. I fought the pull towards him. It scared me to death. When I 'pulled loose', it was like something let me go and I felt like I flew back and slammed into my bed and body. When I sat up, there was nothing there."

"I dreamed about two shadow men. They came through the large front window after my sister's dog suddenly started barking at the window with me holding her back sitting on the floor. I mean they literally came through the glass into the living room. It's like a shadow but with a fuzzed outline but it's coming right at you. For some reason i knew it was male and knew it was smiling at me (even though it was pitch black where it's face was) while it leaned in only a few inches away from my face. The second one seemed more subdued but i still got that same feeling of dread.

Originally when i woke up i didn't even remember the dream (but now i do obviously) but had that same feeling of dread like someone was watching me or walking up behind me. It really threw me because i was so sure there was someone there. I could feel it i guess you could say. When i figured out they could only say boo and not actually hurt me I'd force myself to chuckle anytime it happened again and after about a week they seemed to stop trying to intimidate me. Then by the second week they disappeared. Though on occasion (sporadically every few weeks or months) I'll be woken up at night feeling like the more intimidating one has it's face right next to mine which provokes a chill no matter how much i try to laugh it off."

"I used to see the hat man all the time when I was a kid. he followed me and some of my friends. at first he was terrifying, because i had no idea what he was about or who he was. eventually we "made friends" and I felt like he was just hanging around to check on me and see whats going on. I think the shadow people are like nosy neighbors. ghosts can't hurt you unless you believe they can, just like anything else that happens in your mind or is perceived with your mind's eye."

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Ba Fomay said...

Way back in high school whenever I'd experiment with certain chemical & fungal mystifications, I'd see "hat man". Sometimes for a few minutes sometimes for hours. He never did anything, he just hung around on the wall like a silhouette tapestry. Oddly enough, he usually appeared only as a gigantic hatted head & shoulders taking up the whole wall.
All these years later I now wonder if it was a Jungian Archetype created in the minds of kids who grew up watching Zorro! LOL!

bruce said...

Why is the paranormal so elusive? Why does every experience have to be impossible to repeat with reliable measures? Why does the spirit world like taunting us or playing tricks?


Dr. Fong said...

Why is the paranormal so elusive?

When I wonder about this question I always remember Terence Mckenna's story about his flying saucer sighting in the Amazon. In fact I will blog it now.