Strange People: John Fitzpatrick

Dr. Fong Says:
Probable candidate for a Cthulhu cultist

This postcard has prompted me to start a new category for the House of Mysteries. It will be called "Oddities" and it will be the place where I will share the strange and interesting people that I encounter on my adventures. I will retroactively add this tag to old posts as well dragging them into the light of day.

I found this strange postcard in a mouldering album while going through an estate. It was published in Portland, Oregon around the turn of the century. It has the blind stamp of the photographer in the lower right. The interesting thing about it is that this real photo card has information about the man written on the back.

On the back of the card it simply states:
“John Fitzpatrick a British Columbia Pioneer with fast growing hair”.
That is all the information I have about him. I wish it said more. I've searched the googles but to no avail. I am left with many questions. Besides the accelerated hair growth do you think he may also have been an albino? His hair and eyebrows appear to be completely white and his skin looks very fair.

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