Strange Wall of African Severed Heads

Dr. Fong Says:
Sale on severed heads: shrunken, regular size, or extra large!

While digging through a box of ancient ephemera I discovered this tattered photograph showing what looks like a wall covered with severed human heads. Who is this lone man sitting so casually among the dead?

Though I have enjoyed gathering many strange and terrible things on my journeys to share with you, m
y thoughts have been dark of late. May the merciful gods, if indeed there be such, guard those hours of the night when no power of the will, or drug that the cunning of man devises, can keep me from the chasm of sleep.

Fool that I was to plunge with such unsanctioned frenzy into mysteries no man was meant to penetrate; fool or god that he was — my only friend, who led me and went before me, and who in the end passed into terrors which may yet be mine!

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bruce said...

What is holding in his hand? Is he taking a break during a ping-pong match?

ghoul said...

Tis a wall of human Maori heads, considered trophies by the british because of the facial tattoos.
The guy is holding a 'mere', which is a weapon the Maori used to knock people on the head.

This photo is part of the Wellcome Collection.